CNC Laser

Laser Cut

We provide laser cutting using our own high-quality Vanad CNC laser machine. This process works with thermal parting by a laser beam with a millimeter accuracy. This method of material cutting is one of the most efficient technologies used today. This technology is extremely accurate, fast and remarkably effective compared to other methods. We can cut materials up to 10mm thick.

What We Can Laser Cut

Our company is focused on laser cutting of different types of metal design such as furniture, shop equipment (clothes racks), industrial production and much more. Different types of metal materials such as steel, stainless steel or aluminium can be cut. We are able to provide you with final products exactly according to your needs and ideas, be it serial or made-to-order production. According to your requirements, we will provide drawing documentation, materials and surface treatment. This is why our production is maximally fast and reliable.